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Arte Re: Lavish Communions in PolandArte Re: Lavish Communions in Poland

By Jan Tenhaven

On 03, Sep 2009 | In | By Jan Tenhaven

Arte Re: Lavish Communions in Poland

32 Minuten | Reportage | Arte | Hoferichter & Jacobs Filmproduktion


In Poland, the First Communion has turned into an ever more elaborate and expensive event.

Despite inflation, some celebrations are almost as extravagant as a wedding. In the city of Łódź, Wiktoria’s family has rented a fairytale castle, complete with a four-course meal and a children’s entertainer. On the other hand, the family of ten-year-old Wiktor in the rural province of Holy Cross still celebrates rather traditionally – with plenty of meat, vodka, accordion music, and singing.