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In General

By Jan Tenhaven


On 05, Feb 2017 | In General | By Jan Tenhaven

It was the perfect location to premiere my documentary about the cultural and political roots of personal computing: The legendary Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Hosted by the 21th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival, the cinema was packed with a very welcoming crowd of Castro locals, nerds from the Valley and computer pioneers.

I felt honored that most of the protagonist from the film were able to attend the event: Daniel Kottke (first employee at the famous Apple garage), Larry Tesler (former computer scientist at Xerox PARC), Lee Felsenstein (former moderator of the legendary Homebrew Computer Club), Andy Hertzfeld (software wizard former member of the Macintosh team at Apple), Bob Frankston (computer genius and co-inventor of VisiCalc the world’s first electronic spread sheet programme), Dr. Bruce Damer (founder DigiBarn Computer Museum), Tim Paterson (writer MS-DOS) and the journalists Mary Eisenhart and John Markoff.

© Photos: Barak Shrama, Sven Kiesche




© Fotos: Barak Shrama, Sven Kiesche