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In General

By Jan Tenhaven


On 29, May 2017 | In General | By Jan Tenhaven

After the great preview of COLORFUL GERMANY (DIESES BUNTE DEUTSCHLAND) at the Babylon Cinema in Berlin, the TV broadcast is now also being shown online by ARD-Media. The German Press Agency claims, “A movie that takes its time which is how it should be. Since it’s about questions that cannot easily be answered like, the fate of the refugees in Germany which include so many facets that a short oversight would not suffice.”

“The disadvantage of the current reporting on refugees is the concentration on the moment. And it is the great strength of this documentary under the overall direction of Jan Tenhaven, in which Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb) cooperated to follow the lives of the refugees for a whole year. And it also shows how many difficulties there are when arriving in Germany, how difficult things are.” (dpa)